The USB Jewel Square Necklace MP3 Player

by Ally


There have been several different USB drives turned into a necklace, but there have been quite a bit less necklace MP3 players.  If for some reason the necklace MP3 players are something you’d like to try out, this one from Brando would probably do the trick.  Much like the other gadgets turned into jewelry, it’s a little on the cheesy side.  With the oversized jewel, it’s unlikely that anyone could possibly overlook this necklace.

The necklace comes in two different sizes, one with 2GB of built-in memory and then the other with 4GB.  Then after you choose the size, you get to choose the color.  Your options are red, green or blue.  If you’re hoping for something that’s going to disguise that you’re wearing an MP3 player, then this probably isn’t the gadget for you.  The chain itself looks like they have just run the earbud’s cord through the pendant.  It is an affordable option though.  The smaller MP3 player will cost you $26 and the larger $29.

Source: GeekyGadgets

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