The Computer that knows your gender

by Mark R

gender_500x375I’m not certain if you are aware of this, but Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*Star) has developed gender recognition system.

This picture here from CommunicAsia 2009 gives you an idea of the technology with the webcam and the mirror. You will note the surprise on this guys face as the computer knows that “You Got Male”.

The tech is some sort sophisticated algorithm in order to differentiate facial features between males and females. So its not looking at any anatomy below the neck or anything, otherwise Robert Paulson from Fight Club would be mislabeled. This is probably a good time for a joke about how this new technology would label an individual who has received a sex-change operation.

Unfortunately, this tech only works if someone is actually facing the camera. However, this gender recognition system is still in beta testing, but A*Star hopes to have a better version out soon.

Some may wonder what use this technology is. Apparently, someone wants to design billboards that can detect your gender. This way they know how to market to you. So if you are a man, you will see ads for male performance enhancements. And if you are female, you will see ads for female performance enhancements, I guess.


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John Says: June 18, 2009 at 12:36 pm

This is awesome!! No more tranny prostitutes for me 🙂

Jami Bantry Says: June 19, 2009 at 7:03 pm

Gender identity is NOT sexual anatomy. Those two aspects are independent of each other, as sexual orientation is separate and distinct from gender identity and sexual anatomy. They are three separate and distinct aspects.

Gender is not “male” or “female.” Gender identity is masculine or feminine, and many points in between.

Computer software must be programmed.

For sexual anatomy recognition, there has to be something programmed, by a Human Being, into the software that causes that program to indicate “male” or “female.”

“Male” or “female” is sexual anatomy… NOT gender identity. If the computer cannot see genitals, then it CANNOT possibly recognize actual sexual anatomy… as a certainty.

Even when the computer “sees” a Human Being, it CANNOT possibly recognize that person’s actual gender identity… as a certainty.

All of this does not even take into context, the topic of intersex, where genitals are ambiguous, as well as the gender identity and the sexual orientation of a Human Being who is intersex.

The best way to find out the sexual anatomy, gender identity and sexual orientation of a specific Human Being… is to ask THAT Human Being, NOT to rely on a computer… or, worse yet… guess.


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