Office in the Woods

by Mark R

office-in-the-woods-by-jose-selgas-and-lucia-cano-thumb-550x460-19378I think that most of us can relate with Dilbert, who works in a world with no background except for the occasional cubicle. This comic strip is a definite commentary on how the workplace is an almost unnatural place to work at, a near-hellish oblivion that sucks the life from you.

Perhaps this was the reason why Spanish architecture firm Selgascano designed the “office in the woods”. Without overcomplicating its description, it really is an office in the woods. But if you really want more information, it is available after the jump.

The tunnel-like shape has a curvaceous acrylic window that is about 20 millimeters thick, and the non-transparent area is layered fiberglass and polyester. The end result is an environment that allows the workers to actually see the beauty of nature while they are at work. It definitely boosts morale better than a year’s worth of casual Fridays.

In case you are concerned that all this transparency would let in too much hot sunlight, there is a cooling system. A pulley system at the end of the unit moves a certain slab up and down, so there is plenty of cool air coming in and out.

Hopefully Selgascano’s ideas will be incorporated at offices everywhere, but that really is a pipe dream, isn’t it? Still, I’m certain that worker motivation would be greatly increased if they could see the world outside of them.


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Bart_Holland Says: October 15, 2010 at 12:19 am

Verry inovating.

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