Abgymnic Muscle Toner



Want to get that set of killer abs to impress the girls this summer season? Well, there’s the Abgymnic Muscle Toner that claims to “sculpt, tone and firm from the comfort of your home” for a mere £4.95, believe it or not! It uses gentle electronic muscle stimulation that mimics regular exercises for even more muscle definition!

Safe, gentle pulses transmitted from the toning belt onto your skin cause muscular contractions that mimic those of normal exercises like stomach crunches and riding an exercise bike for example, so you can sculpt, firm and tone – without lifting a finger! For maximum results using the Abgymnic toning belt alongside your normal fitness routine is a great way to increase your muscle definition even more and get extra help for problem areas like underarms, thighs, hips and tummies.

The product description claims that a month of regular use will give you more noticeable body curves and visible body improvements, so we’ll just have to take their word at surface level until someone confirms its effectiveness. Nothing mentioned about laying off the greasy burgers and beer for maximum results though. Muscles in High Definition, now how about that?

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