AITALK lets you talk to your iPod

by Mark R

aibelive_aitalkComputex 2009 has displayed a lot of new technologies recently, and one of them is one by Aibelive (pronounced I believe?) called AITALK. This AITALK allows the user to interact with their iPod with nothing but speech.

This is perfect for those times when you are listening to your iPod while driving or jogging. Instead of awkwardly fumbling with the controls for changing tracks while your eyes should be on the road, you can just say: “skip track” and it will go on to the next song.

Aibelive’s Press Release has also stated that a user can do more than just control an iPod with vocal commands, but he or she can search for a song, artist, or album. I don’t have much information on how it does that. I would imagine it is something like: “Find (song name)” or something like that.

So how does this work? It looks like you have to plug-in something to your iPod in order to make it vocally accessible, but that really is no surprise. You didn’t expect something wireless, did you?

Considering that we live in an age where we need to be hands-free, the AITALK is definitely a technology whose time has come. In fact, Apple should take a hint and put these vocal controls on their new models of iPods.


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Luke Ken Says: June 12, 2009 at 8:55 am

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