Nano-Tech Japanese Aqua Dance Game


aqua-dance-gameTrust the Japanese to come up with the zaniest of ideas that actually work – the latest among them, the Nano-Tech Japanese Aqua Dance Game.

A cross between Pachinko and a waterfall the Nano-Tech Japanese Aqua Dance Game is Bandai Japan’s second foray into frivolous uses of nano-technology. The original Aqua Drop was a kind of simple puzzle game using hyper-beading water particles. Now the Aqua Dance turns water into a automatic cascading frenzy of beads that zoom and bounce their way to the bottom. The secret of course is an internal nano surface that causes water to hyper-bead using “Adesso WR”, a nano-tech agent invented and patented by Nikka Kagaku Co., Ltd. Japan. Simply fill the tank on the top of the Aqua Dance with water then push the pump a few times to pressurize. Turn the lever beneath to control the size and speed of the water beads as they drop repeatedly out of the tank. With the reduced friction the natural surface tension of the water takes over to create some unusual liquid dynamics. You’ll find beautiful patterns in the water that are different each time. The ridges and funnels on the surface scatter the water in unpredictable ways as it zooms like quicksilver to the bottom.

Well, if you have $39.99 to spare and would want something non-electronic in your hands for once that is able to keep you entertained and mesmerized, why not give the Nano-Tech Japanese Aqua Dance Game a go?

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