Pill MP3 Player

by Mark R

vitaminplayerWe at Coolest Gadgets reported on the Pill USB Drive not long ago, and it reminded me of the Pill MP3 Player that is under development.

Hopefully you can see how small it is from this photo, but if the keyboard isn’t enough to give it scale, then you should know that the Pill MP3 Player is 2.7 inches long and approximately one inch in diameter.

What you can’t tell from the photo is that the user has to pull it apart in order to access the controls, and he or she must twist it forward or back to skip tracks. Other than that, this is all I know about this presently conceptual product. I have no idea how many audio files it can hold, but if it is anything like the Pill USB, it is good enough for 30 minutes of MP3s. That really isn’t much.

I am going to go out on a limb and assume that the user needs to download their tunes by some USB to mini-USB connection.

The Pill MP3 Player is planned to be in production (or should I say prescription) later this year. So, is this the dawning of pill-shaped electronics? Why don’t they just make our cell phones pill shaped, so we can just swallow them whole to take our calls?


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