Zipit Motorized Clamshell Package Opener


zipitOpening clamshell packages can be quite a challenge for some of us who are less adept with a scissors, and more often than not, even with the best equipment around, doing so results a cut finger or something equally catastrophic. It is hoped that the Zipit Motorized Clamshell Package Opener will be able to change your perception that opening clamshell packages is a real challenge in life.

The Zipit Motorized Clamshell Package Opener is the first and only motorized tool specifically designed to safely and easily open these troublesome clamshell packages. It is as easy to open these tough packages as pressing a button and guiding the opener around the outside of the package. There are no rough or sharp edges left to worry about. It is powered by two AA batteries (sold separately), and holding down the button will activate the rollers to easily open most hard shell packages.

This $19.99 device ought to do the trick in getting rid of such pesky packaging methods. What do you think?

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clamshell packaging Says: March 1, 2010 at 11:02 pm

Zipit Motorized Clamshell Package Opener is easily to use?

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