Digital Opera S2 and Opera S5 wireless earbuds


opera-s5Going wireless is the big thing for many of us – how far have we come since the good old days where cables were a necessity? As it stands, we have wireless keyboards, wireless mice, wireless hotspots, wireless charging stations (say hello, Palm Touchstone!), wireless projectors (High Definition ones at that), wireless routers and more importantly, wireless headphones. Bluetooth technology has played a pretty important role in the last segment, and today we shall look at the Digital Opera S2 and ‘Made for iPod’ Digital Opera S5 wireless earbuds, courtesy of DigiFi and Kleer. The announcement of both earbuds will definitely cause you to sit up and take notice – after all, who doesn’t want to enjoy their favorite tunes without having to get stuck in a tangled mess?

Both the Digital Opera S2 and the Digital Opera S5 wireless earbuds will come with volume and track control buttons that are conveniently located on the wireless earbuds. This is perfect for folks who enjoy listening to high-fidelity music without having any wires to get in the way, especially when you’re working out in the gym, pounding the treadmill with your multimedia playback capable-cellphone providing the musical tracks of your choice. Both models are able to stream uncompressed, lossless, CD quality (16-bit, 44.1KHz-sampled) digital stereo audio for maximum enjoyment, working in a range of 32 feet at best. Anything more than that is out of a Bluetooth connection’s reach. Each pair will also have a listening time of 10 hours, where you can stream audio to a maximum of four people who are using Kleer-based wireless earbuds for a more communal experience.

Folks who interact more with a range of portable and stationary media players will find the Opera S2 to be suitable courtesy of its 3.5mm-compatible transmitter which works great with most media players, be they MP3 players, PMPs, computers, cell phones, TVs or iPod docks among others. As for folks who enjoy their portable music on nothing other than the iPod, then the Opera S5 would be more ideal since it allows you to play, pause, advance, previous, fast forward and rewind a song using the track control buttons on the wireless earbuds. There is no word on pricing, but both the Opera S2 and iPod-compatible Opera S5 will be released worldwide on June 20th this year.

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