Is the Plan A Electric Planner: great idea or an attempt to resurrect PDAs?

by James


PDAs were all the rage in the 90s. Until the smart phone arrived. Then, suddenly, Palm was on the rocks, Tapwave was out of business, and Handspring just started developing and creating Apps. The PDA was, for all intents and purposes, dead once the iPhone arrived, and even before that. So what is up with the Plan A Electric Planner concept by Andreas Svensson? I mean, it’s rather cool to a tablet like foldable screen which opens into a monthly calendar. But is it really going to resurrect a dead market?

It has twin foldable LCD screens which opens into a monthly calendar in horizontal mode or in daily mode in vertical. There’s also to do lists and address books. And the optional USB Dock enables it to connect to your PC for synching.


Yeah, it looks real sweet and perhaps smaller LCDs and advancements in OLED screens could breathe new life into a PDA like device. But honestly … do we really care? I mean, I have personally found that it’s more work to operate a PDA than just having a pocket Day Runner. And if it can’t operate as a phone, seriously, what’s the point?

Hat Tip – Gizmo Watch

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