Darth Vader Bust Bank


darth-vader-bustIt would seem something as corrupted as Emperor Palpatine’s regime weed out good habits such as saving cash for a rainy day, but nice to see Darth Vader retain some of his Jedi traits with the Darth Vader Bust Bank.

And now you can save your cash in your very own, Sith approved, Darth Vader Bust Bank. Just cram your change into a slot in Vader’s bank and your coins will be protected by Vader’s saber and intimidating stare. Give the plug on the bottom (of the bank, not Vader’s bottom) a twist and out pours the cash so you can build your own Death Star. The Darth Vader Bust Bank is the coolest bank in any galaxy.

The lightsaber blade is detachable, although we’re not too sure what good that is going to do – perhaps it can be used to stuff down notes that have a hard time making their way inside as the bank gets filled to the brim? The Darth Vader Bust Bank can be yours for just 14.99 Galactic credits – which is the equivalent of the same amount of US dollars of today.

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