Portable Bunker aims to save lives in forest & bush fires

by James


Smoke jumpers. They are some of the bravest first responders in the world. With forest and brush fires blazing, these firefighting special forces parachute ahead, and often times in the middle of, forest fires and seek to create a bulwark to stop fires in their tracks. And often times, tragedy ensues and they become overwhelmed by fire conditions and die horrific deaths, leaving the fire to blaze on. So it makes sense that governments would seek to maximize the survivability of their firefighters. Enter the Bush Bunker.

The Bush Bunker is a portable bunker which is designed for “maximum survivor ability no matter the intensity or type of fire” for over 4 hours of direct exposure to flames. Think of it as a panic room for forest fires. Made of 300mm of steel reinforced fire retardant concrete, these fire pods can be produced in one piece making them structurally stronger as well as water and air tight. Standard models would accommodate up to six adults for more than four hours and would be equipped with compressed air cylinders to maintain positive air pressure and a breathable atmosphere to keep fresh air in and noxious gases and smoke out.


And an airlock with two fire doors will also product against radiant heat, keeping fire fighters in a comfortable temperature inside. The Bush Bunker will also come with bench seats, battery powered electric lighting, UHF Radio and emergency transponders, as well as fire blankets and fire aid materials. And for around $20,000 AUD, it’s a bargain in today’s cash strapped firefighting budgets.

Hat Tip – Gizmag

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mal Says: May 20, 2009 at 10:54 pm

Now this IS cool! lol but really they should have a fleet of these out and about. wonderful!

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