The USB Heart Clip Webcam

by Ally


If you or someone you know is the Hello Kitty loving type, then they’ll likely enjoy this heart-shaped webcam.  It would fit in nicely with bright pink accessories that for most would only render feelings of nausea.  However, for the overly feminine types, it could be love at first sight.  Which is fitting since this is very much a love themed webcam.  It even has the word love written on the very base of it.

The web camera is somewhat of a 3-in-1 gadget.  The left side of the cam rotates and reveals a set of LED lights.  It also has a microphone built into it.  The lights would make it great for college students when  they can’t turn on the overhead light due to a dorm roommate.  It can either sit alone on your desk, or attach to your monitor.  Although, from the picture it appears as if the cam would end up obstructing your view if you put it on the monitor itself.  You can purchase the 640 x 480 resolution cam for $22 from Brando.  When you do, you can choose between either blue or pink.

Source: GeekAlerts

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