Muecke Personal Commuter Helicopter

by Mark R

muecke-mosquitosingle-seater-lightweight-helicopter-concept-1I remember reading Brave New World in high school, and the mode of transportation in the future was helicopters. I remember thinking that the writer Aldous Huxley had a pretty unenlightened point of the world of tomorrow, because most modern science fiction writers picture the future skies full of rotorless flying cars.

It would appear that the “Muecke” single seater lightweight sport helicopter concept could prove Mr. Huxley right, especially since he was right on many other things. Read the book if you don’t believe me.

As you can see, this helicopter has no tail rotor, but has two rotating blades. Apparently, the blades rotating in opposite directions are enough to give the mini-copter lift and balance.

You might notice how easily portable the Muecke is. All the user needs to do is grab one end and lift, then push it like it was on a wheelbarrow. Hopefully you have some ramps to wheel it into the back of a pickup. Or, if you are really daring, just land it in the bed.

Of course, an age of flying transportation raises a lot of questions. For example, how will people receive their pilots/drivers licenses? Is it possible for every person to get the hours of flight time required? Time will tell if the future will be full of these, I suppose.


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