The iRock Mini Guitar Amp works as iPod speaker

by Ally

amp1There are times that those of you that are skilled with playing the guitar, that you don’t want to lug out your full sized amp.  That’s where this iRock would come in handy.  It’s not going to be anything overly special, but it does make it so that you can hear your electric guitar either through the speaker or through headphones.  Making it ideal for a quiet practice session that won’t disturb anyone.  Plus it does double duty by doubling as an iPod speaker.

Since it does hook up to your iPod as well, it’d definitely be worth the money.  As far as amp specifications go it has all the usual features, including an overdrive distortion and volume control.  It plugs directly into your guitar, and there is no extra cord needed.  Then if you want to be even more quiet, just pop some headphones into the speaker.  For $24.95, it’d be worth picking up to give it a try.

Source: ChipChick

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