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We all know that Swiss hardware manufacturer do churn out some pretty bangin’ mice and keyboards as well as gaming peripherals in the past, and this sort of pedigree looks set to continue with their latest release – the Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller. This new companion for your Guitar Hero sessions in your living room will play nice with both PS2 and PS3 platforms, and they aim to up the realism ante by a notch by offering an even more realistic experience, utilizing a wood neck and body, a rosewood fingerboard and metal frets. Talk about really getting into the game – the Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller will cater for gamers who truly want to rock it out like a bona fide rock star.

Those who are interested can check out the new Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller later this month as it makes its worldwide debut. It is an officially licensed product by Activision Publishing, Inc. that will work perfectly with the award-winning Guitar Hero franchise. According to Ruben Mookerjee, Logitech’s director of product marketing for gaming, “Logitech’s new guitar controller delivers the same unparalleled Guitar Hero experience offered by our previous premiere edition to an even broader group of gamers and at a great value. Everything about the Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller is premium – from the authentic wood material and flawless black finish, to the noise-dampening design of the strum bar and buttons, to the authentic accents provided by the metal frets.”

With its one-piece contoured wood body, you will find yourself rocking out just like many of the world’s leading rock guitarists. Button noise is also reduced courtesy of rubber dome technology on the fret board controls, a material that can also be found in its award-winning keyboards. A touch sensitive slider helps in your gaming for a more in-depth experience, allowing you to break old game records with greater ease than ever. The Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller won’t restrict you in your movement as long as you remain within its 30 feet radius from the console. A full charge is able to offer hundreds of hours of gaming time, and each $199.99 purchase will come in a pristine black finish complemented with a glossy black pick guard.

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crux Says: May 12, 2009 at 5:55 pm

It’s a shame they’re making such a quality controller without thought of making it compatible for Guitar Freaks as well. Sure, Guitar Freaks is an import title and has more of a niche following compared to Guitar Hero, but I can guarantee I personally know many people who would get such a guitar just for Guitar Freaks, never mind those fans of both series.

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