Water Watch Spray Nozzle tracks water usage

by Ally


Everyone could probably use being a little more mindful of water usage.  Even knowing exactly how much it is you use on different things is helpful.  One big way water can get away with you is when watering the lawn or flowers.  It’s just easy to do when you’re not paying close attention.  Which is where this nozzle comes into play.  Not only would a nozzle make things a little more efficient, because you can stop the flow of water when it’s not needed, but it can also read your water usage.

It has a small dial at the top of the nozzle that can read up to 100 gallons before it rolls over.  After each use the dial will of course go back to zero.  Although it doesn’t have a beeper or anything when you’ve reached a major limit, the dial could at least help you keep track of how you’re doing.  There are two different types of these, one has 8 different spray patterns and the other is just a fan nozzle.  The first is $17.95 and then the fan nozzle is $12.95.

Source: OhGizmo

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