The flowery Limited Edition Power Plate

by Ally


For those that haven’t heard of the Power Plate, it’s a device that might remind you of the old belt exercisers.  Which those took and shook you from the waste, whereas this one shakes your entire body.  It’s more effective, because with this you can do some of your normal exercisers while it’s vibrating.  That gives you a  more intense workout than if you were to do those exercises off of the Power Plate.  The Power Plate itself has been out a little while, well now it’s been redone and covered in bright flowers.

The original was a dull gray, much like your average exercise machine.  Well now Kenzo Takada created this limited edition version that looks nothing like your average machine.  The original home version would cost $3,500 and the gym model $9,250.  So with that in mind, I’m sure you can imagine that this limited edition one is far more expensive.  Although in reality it isn’t priced at much more than the gym version.  This one costs EUR 7,990 or about $10,900.  Which is expensive for the average person, but it’s a lot more attractive than what you would normally find in the gym.

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anony-mouse Says: May 27, 2009 at 9:56 am


My mother in law has trained on the Power Plate Air Adaptive for 4 months. Her bone density test from last Friday showed a 45% increase in her bone density compared to two years ago.

The fact is this machine is revolutionizing the way training is approached via accelerated gravity, recruitment of 50% more muscle contraction, lymphatic drainage… it doesnt end there.

The floral print is cool, I like it! Buts lets be real honest here… Any machine is only as good as the person training you on it. Call Power Plate and ask for the certified trainers that they recommend.

If you have this kind of money… Buy one.

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