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Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader did make quite an impression when it was first revealed, and as time goes by, it is only natural for a successor to be unleashed. This time round, Amazon has upgraded the Kindle by calling it the Kindle DX which boasts a whole host of improvements including a more generous 9.7″ electronic paper display, a built-in PDF reader, auto-rotate capability for easy reading no matter which format the digital book/magazine comes in, and enough storage space to hold an average of 3,500 books – definitely more than enough space for your personal library. For voracious readers, you won’t find the Kindle Store to be short of reading material as it stocks up to 275,000 books (and counting) to date, including 107 of 112 current New York Times Best Sellers. All New York Times Bestsellers and New Releases have been priced at $9.99 unless marked otherwise, while major U.S. and international magazines and newspapers in addition to over 1,500 blogs are also available for your perusal via Kindle DX.

The 9.7″ display on the Kindle DX is impressive, making it 2.5 times larger compared to the predecessor’s 6″ display. In addition, it comes with 16 shades of gray that enables more graphic-rich content when it comes to professional and personal documents, newspapers and magazines, and textbooks. Since the display works using real ink without a backlight, it reads as naturally as printed words on a paper, doing away with common electronic reading device complaints such as eyestrain and glare.

The integrated PDF reader on the Kindle DX is also another welcome feature since many documents these days come in PDF formats, making it a snap to tote around wherever you go. In addition, you can always have people mail documents in PDF format to your Kindle email address, where you can then read them directly. You get 3.3GB of storage space inside, and boasts 3G connectivity that allows you to wirelessly shop the Kindle Store, download or receive new content in less than 60 seconds, as long as there is a decent signal. You can pick up the Amazon Kindle DX y placing a $489 pre-order.

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Chris Nee Says: May 8, 2009 at 2:31 am

Apart from the fact that Kindle DX looks like exactly the kind of thing I’d actually buy – although it may be pushing the limits of portability at 9.7″ – the most interesting thing about this is the possibility that it could affect the future of newspapers.

If Amazon signs deals with major newspapers (Mashable mentions that this is already in place in small numbers), we could see a subscripton/free gift model along the lines of the mobile broadband free laptop deals – though it’d need to be free and tied into a long term subscription.

I’d buy a subscription to a newspaper in exchange for a free DX, and the newspaper can then claim ad revenue on the back of it.

Mike Says: May 8, 2009 at 5:00 am

LMAO! This always happens to me. I just bought the latest kindle a short time ago and now there is a new one. The same thing happened with my nintendo ds lite vs the new nintendo dsi.

Hello Kindle Says: May 9, 2009 at 7:22 pm

for this price i can almost buy a laptop with which i could read browse the net play some games and watch videos and listen to music which i think is way better than just reading books and listening to music in this device

Kindle DX Says: March 22, 2010 at 5:10 am

I just wanted to add my review to confirm that PDF support works great. One thing I love about the PDF on the Kindle DX is that it shows page numbers rather than the units of measure the regular ebooks use that I still don’t understand.

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