The Ylight for convenient tire changing

by Ally


Anyone who has ever managed to get a flat tire on a dark road knows the joys of fumbling in the dark.  Even if you happen to have a flashlight handy, it’s still difficult to position.  Plus it’s hard to remember to change out batteries to something that stays out in your car.  Instead you could go with this 3 point light that not only gives multi-directional lighting, but also makes it so there are no worries about dealing with silly batteries.

Unfortunately this is a concept design, but it’s such a simple idea that hopefully it will get picked up by someone.  To charge it up all you have to do is put your finger through the center hole and push the button.  Then after you’ve given it a few spins it will start to have a charge.  Each of the lights can be set at different levels of brightness to make sure that you have the optimal amount of light.  The design is by Andre Moneiro.

Source: Ubergizmo

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