Shadow Caddy Proves We’re on the fairway to Cylon domination

by James


All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again. Man created the Cylons to serve them. And the Shadow Caddy does that in a very automatic and eerie fashion … if automatically follows you on the fairway. Course, it probably won’t tell you you’re better off with the five iron over the 1 Wood …

The way it works is relatively simple. Budding Tiger Woods carry an RSS transmitter on their belt as they play. The Shadow Caddy, which carries golf bags in the back, picks up the transmitter and follows it wherever it may lead. There’s no remote control, no joy stick, it’s completely hands free. In addition to following the transmission, the Shadow Caddy has a sophisticated detection avoidance system which prevents collisions with other carts, people, trees, and the like and then picks up the transmission and goes right back to following the game. The Shadow Caddy will also carry any drinks, sand buckets, and whatever else the golfer needs to focus on his game.

Winner of several accolades including the 2008 People’s Choice Award for Australia’s Next Big Thing and ABCs New Inventors Program, the Shadow Caddy will be marketed mostly to golf courses to replace both their gas golf carts and their human caddy teams, so look for it on the links in the future.

Hat Tip – Gear Fuse

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