PhiloMetron working on smart patch for diet help

by Ally


Not everyone has the greatest instincts when it comes to dieting.  It’d be far easier for most people if you had a dietician to follow you around and tell you what to do.  Well PhiloMetron is creating a smart patch that could help you on your way to losing weight and picking up healthy habits.  It does the usual counting of calories, but in addition to that, at the end of the day it can tell you what to do to make the next day even more successful.   It also suggests taking a quick walk when it’s needed, to help things on their way.

The patch uses a combination of sensors, electrodes and accelerometers.  All of this allows the patch to measure your calorie intake, the amount of calories burned and the net total that was gained/lost over a full 24-hour period.  All this info is sent by a Bluetooth wireless connection to your cellphone.   Once this info is in your phone it has an application that tracks the totals and gives support.  PhiloMetron is still holding back info on how all of this works and how much something like this will cost you.  However, it’s great to know that technology like this is so close to coming out, even if it is still in the works.

Source: Gearfuse

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Robert //gauthier Says: June 27, 2012 at 11:43 am

Hint, it may not work it looks like vaporware.

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