The Rusted Steampunk USB Drive

by Ally


Thanks to the steampunk trend there are now a variety of interesting gadgets and especially flash drives.  Here’s one more handmade flash drive, that although will cost you a bit more than the average flash drive, it’s at least unique.  It doesn’t look like the usual sleek silver flash drive, which is nice, but the plain silver gets a bit dull after a while.  Although this isn’t my favorite steampunk gadget out there, it’s still a lot better than going with a mainsteam option.

Most of the reason I’m not a fan of this one is the rusty look.  Yes it definitely gives an authentic aged look, but the texture of it would drive me nuts.  Plus I’d be worried that the rust would rub off on my clothing and anything else I sat it on.  On the up side it’s a retractable drive, so there would be no worries about losing the cap to it.  The 4GB drive would have cost you $40 on Etsy.  However, as of now it’s sold out, it’s possible that the seller will post something similar though.

Source: Ubergizmo

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