Pinhole Camera Shoots You Like a Gun

by Mark R

pinhole-cameraNow you know what James Bond sees. You know, at the opening of the Bond films when he shoots that shooter guy?

Welcome to the age of the pinhole camera, a camera that looks like a gun. You’re not going to be able to see the viewfinder in this picture here, but even if you were to see it from that sexy shooter’s point-of-view, you wouldn’t see it.

In other words, this camera gun has no viewfinder. You might wonder what good that is. Designer Franziska Dierschkeare says that the pinhole camera isn’t about a photographer setting up the perfect shot, but rather the shutterbug act of shooting of many pics at a given time.

I have to admit, the pinhole camera does sound like a lot of fun. In fact, I recommend having a few around at the next big party you have, and let some shooters go at it for your Flickr page. Of course, the fact that the camera looks like a gun could disturb the guests.

So far, this is a concept for now, and there is no rumor of an estimated price. Since this is still underdevelopment, I have a suggestion. These photos have to be stored digitally, right? Why not design it so the user can insert a USB thumb drive into the gun just like loading ammo clip into a real gun. Now that would be cool.


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VIctor E. Says: April 29, 2009 at 12:21 am

Very bad idea! This gadget might get you killed. Law enforcement officers would have to make a quick decision, based on someone pointing a “gun” at someone. Handguns come in all colors, and kids have been shot brandishing toy guns. I can’t believe this is actually on a drawing board.

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