WristShot® Camcorder Support System a great option for serious shooters

by James


If you’re the kind of video shooter who sees his family life through the viewfinder of your camcorder, you know the pain that is associated with wrist fatigue. Even the lightest of camcorders can become quite heavy when taping that birthday party where the action goes on and on and you just don’t want to stop recording. But the problem is, a tripod doesn’t give you the ability move with the kid’s action, and after awhile, the video image becomes to either look like the villain layer in Batman or begins shaking like a small earthquake. The Hoodman WristShot® Camcorder Support System addresses this issue quite nicely.

The idea behind the WristShot® Camcorder Support System is one of weight transfer. The WristShot moves the weight of the camera from the wrist, to the forearm, thereby giving the shooter’s hand both serious relief, but the ability to operate the camera without moving it due to a shift in the center of gravity that comes with pressing buttons and zoom controls. The result is a very stable hand held camera capability. The camera also comes with a quick release mount so that it can transfer to a tripod in a snap.

Fits all camcorders up to ten pounds with adjustment along five axis of movement. Cost is around $200 US.

Cool video here.

Hat Tip – The Ferrett

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