Medigenic Keyboard



Keyboards can be quite the filthy device if you happen to place it under a microscope – imagine checking out crumbs from last year’s pizza party at the office, which now house colonies of thriving bacteria and other micro-organisms. Which is why the conventional keyboard design isn’t too conducive for hospital environments where everything needs to be kept as sterile as possible. Enter the Medigenics Keyboard that takes a different route when it comes to design, doing away with the raised key system by replacing it with a flat keyboard design instead (complete with faux 3D key graphics for those who have yet to get used to it). Apparently, touch typists will be able to pick this up quickly with its low learning curve, and the whole idea behind this design is to make it to wipe with hospital-grade disinfectants at any time. Heck, it even comes with a warning light that will flash at preset intervals to remind you the keyboard is ready for another wipe. Hospital management committees can pick up the Medigenic keyboard for about $140 each.

Source: OhGizmo!

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