Seat Belt Camera Straps

by Ally


Camera straps that come with the camera tend to be on the, well, lame side.  They always have coarse material and the edges dig into your neck. Not to mention they display your camera brand name in shockingly bold lettering.  So for those that use their camera a lot, it gets to the point when you have to seek out a camera strap that suits you a bit better.  Well these straps made out of old seat belts look like a far better alternative than anything I’ve come across thus far.

The material itself is more of a silky smooth texture and you know it’s built to stand up to plenty of weight.   Since they are older seat belts, the edges will be nice and smooth, so they probably won’t cut into your neck quite as badly.  Plus you get the added perk of knowing that you’re giving an old item a new purpose.  Thankfully these seat belts come in several different colors, such as Mercedes Gold, Porsche Purple, T-bird Teal and Dodge Silver.  You can purchase one for $20 or two for $35.  This is one product that is definitely going on my wish list.

Source: GadgetLab

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