The USB Syringe Flash Drive

by Ally

For those aspiring doctors and nurses, here’s a morbid flash drive for you.  When you can’t get enough of jamming the tip of that needle into people at work, you can sit and reminisce over the good times you’ve had with your trusty needles.  The USB drive also leaves the insides nice and exposed, which is likely to appeal to the hardcore geeks that adore seeing the insides of their electronics.

The flash drive is a decent size for a decent price, for once.  It does happen occasionally with novelty flash drives, but just rarely enough to keep it exciting when an affordable one is spotted.  It has 8GB of storage to hold your files and what ever else you think a syringe flash drive should hold.  Perhaps you can store the secrets to some antidote on it or just make it look like you did.  Then leave it lying around for a roommate to find who has played too much Resident Evil.  You can purchase the drive for $29 through USB Brando.

Source: Gizmodiva

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