Electric Shocking Mouse

by Mark R

I realize that I am a week late with April Fool’s Day, but I suppose any time is good for a practical joke. Especially one that involves electricity. Yes, it is easy to go overboard with electricity when you are doing a practical joke, like the Joker did in Tim Burton’s first Batman film.

Provided that you don’t want to kill your enemy, the Electric Shocking Mouse might be the best way to bring aggravation. Apparently, it will give a jolt that will not harm or hurt, but just enough of a shock to make everyone laugh.

I don’t know what the power source is on this guy. I’ve always wondered if you could shock someone through USB power, but this particular shocking mouse is wireless.

Now, the problem that I have with this product is that the desired prank might be difficult to pull off. I’m not certain if this mouse could pass as the victim’s mouse. In other words, that could be a pause for suspicion right there that could spoil the gag. However, some people, like myself, just reach for their mouse without even looking.

So this is how you pull off this gag on a co-worker, just say: “hey, did you get the e-mail saying that our paycheck will be one month late?” The co-worker will panic and grab his or her mouse to check for this terrifying e-mail, and receive a great shock.

Fortunately, the price of this gag is probably worth the price of the joke. You should be able to purchase this at the Sourcing Map for about $5.99.


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Raj Says: June 8, 2009 at 12:53 pm

What the fuck.. is this a review or a time pass article….Please do not waste your and our time.Stop writing such stupid reviews.

Raj Hater Says: November 28, 2009 at 1:54 pm

Raj, you’re an asshole.

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