Breastlight offers an accurate breast exam from home

by Ally

Most females have been raised with the knowledge pounded in their head that they should regularly be checking for lumps in their breasts.  You’re taught to search for general irregularities, but most are still left wondering if they could miss something.  You may second guess your method or timing, but all around there are a lot of factors that plague the typical female.  Especially those that have a history of breast cancer within their family.  Well now you can purchase the Breastlight that will give you a much more clear and visual approach.

First you shut off all the lights and make sure it’s plenty dark.  Then you apply the lubricant that is meant for the Breastlight.  Turn on the Breastlight and put it on the underside of your breast and look down.  Keep it pressed firmly and for a better full view, use a mirror to make sure you’ve seen all the areas.  Lumps will show up as dark areas underneath the skin.  The light is a bit pricey, but for women with a high risk factor, it might be worth the extra money.  You can purchase it for £77.50 or about $114.

Source: ShinyShiny

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