Babies get military grade technology in Snuza Halo


Most first time parents will attest to this – they have purchased more toys than needed for their little one during their growing up years, but here’s one that ought to be on top of your wish list – the Snuza Halo which brings together the practicality of military grade sensing technology, offering a movement monitor that can be used wherever your baby falls asleep.

The Snuza Halo takes the road less traveled by ing small, light and easy to use. The Snuza has many advantages over other traditional monitors, and is roughly 30 times smaller and 20 times lighter compared to standard under-mattress monitors. Cutting edge technology is used in its circuitry to achieve this, and the Snuza Halo also sips very little power when in use. Without the presence of wires on the monitor, the baby’s neck and limbs won’t be in risk of getting caught in cables or straps.

The Snuza Halo is a cinch to use, all you need to do is turn it on and slip it over your baby’s diaper waistband, where the sensitive motion detector will kick in and recognize baby’s tummy movements. Should there be no movement for 15 seconds, it will trigger a vibration so that your little one will move about, imitating a technique called ‘Cutaneous Stimulation’ that is used in many hospitals’ Neonatal Intensive Care Units worldwide. Should there be no movement for another 5 seconds, an audible alarm will be triggered for prompt medical response.

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mary ann Says: September 27, 2011 at 9:59 pm

BEST product I bought, I LOVE the snuza, works fantastically & brings peace of mind!

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