Acer AspireRevo powered by NVIDIA Ion platform


Acer has revealed their latest computing machine, the AspireRevo that is powered by NVIDIA’s new Atom-based Ion platform. What you see here is the official release of Acer’s Hornet concept that was revealed to the world (unwittingly, of course) in a leaked presentation a couple of months back. According to NVIDIA, the AspireRevo will measure no larger than a standard hardcover book, and yet it packs more than enough punch to function as a fully capable desktop complete with advanced graphics and impressive multimedia features.

While Intel Atom-powered netbooks and nettops aren’t exactly number crunchers in their own right (heck, even using Internet Explorer slows down a netbook considerably), NVIDIA claims the Ion-based AspireRevo will be different as it will be able to juggle a range of computing needs including HD video playback and gaming. In fact, NVIDIA is so bold as to proclaim the AspireRevo is able to run Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as well as Spore on the diminutive system decently, just make sure you don’t turn on all the graphical options while running it at the highest resolution of course – common sense dictates so. In addition, this little machine that could also supports 1080p video playback with 7.1 audio.

Connectivity options are aplenty in the Acer AspireRevo, as you will benefit from half a dozen USB 2.0 ports, HDMI and VGA display connectors, an eSATA port as well as a memory card reader. You won’t find the ultra stable Windows XP operating system here, as it will run on Windows Vista Home Premium as standard, supporting an Atom 230 processor and a maximum of 4GB DDR2 RAM. As for storage options, you can choose between an SSD or a hard drive – unfortunately, you can’t have both inside due to limited space. There is no word on pricing, but the original leaked presentation slides point towards a “couple hundreds [sic] dollars” – would you take the plunge at that price?

Source: Bit Tech

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hukiworld Says: June 26, 2010 at 1:43 am

Yeah tamworth, your right. Why bother buying a piece of crap if your going to do serious gaming or use heavy applications… That’s what REAL computers are for. Acers are more suited for grandparents who are learning to read email and do light webbing.

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