The Schimmel Ferrari Piano

by Ally

Although I sometimes think the classics are the best, sometimes an old design can use a complete overhaul.  This piano won’t work for everyone of course, mostly because it’s going to cost quite a bit to purchase.  This piano takes the usual bulky design and gives it a great deal of flow.  It also makes the piano seem so much smaller.  Plus there is the added benefit that it’s modeled after a car.

Although it does have Ferrari directly in the name, it’s not actually officially endorsed by Ferrari.  So it won’t be sporting the horse logo on it.  It does, however, have the Ferrari Rosso Red finish and styling, which is likely good enough for most people.  With a piano like this, you could play all classical and still even non-classical fans would listen closely.  To pick up the bright red Ferrari piano it’s going to cost you $410,000, which might for the average person take a while to save up for.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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keith Says: November 29, 2009 at 10:50 pm

i own a schimmel pegasus im looking to sell it i own the black one of the 14 that were made im selling it for 200.000 call me at 248-254-2513.

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