Shelves for Life go on to form your coffin

by Ally

It’s a definite toss up as to whether this concept is cool or purely just morbid.  It ensures that your shelves will be put to use for a long time, past the end of your life.  During your life it looks like an extremely minimalist shelf.  Actually, it looks so incredibly bland that it would by no means be considered an attractive piece of furniture in your home.  However, although it is a dull shelf, it can be disassembled and reassembled to find new purpose.

After you have kicked the bucket, your loved ones can rip apart that terrible shelf and make you an even more dull casket.  You’re dead though, so it’s unlikely you’ll really care about how your casket looks.  It will also leave a clear message to your loved ones that you want to be buried, taking away the debate on how to deal with your body.  These Shelves for Life are made by William Warren, who makes them out of plywood.  You’ll have to contact the designer to find out if this can be purchased and for what price.

Source: Likecool

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