Bed Bunker is perfect for zombie invasions

by Ally

If you’re worried about conspiracy theories on a regular basis, you’ve probably started to think of ways to defend your home.  Well for the extremist, this is one way to make sure your guns and ammunition stay nice and safe.  It’s enough space to make yourself your own miniature army.  You can protect yourself from zombies and aliens alike with this kind of fire power.  Of course you’ll have to be a little more careful with those aliens, they likely have some nasty fire power on them.

You could also store things besides guns within the safe.  It’s protected from fire, so it would also be a great spot to store important documents you want to make it through a fire.  The safe also functions as a  bed, it will work as a twin, queen or king size.  You can get a custom size as well if none of those work for you.  Being a safe it does lock to protect your ammunition and valuables from thieves as well as your kids.  Likely few people would even guess that the clunky bed frame under your mattress is actually a safe.  You can pick it up for anywhere from $2700 on up to $5200.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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