BoomCooler great for outdoor summer parties

by Ally

If you’re planning on any outdoor parties, like camping out or just hanging around a bonfire, it’s always nice to bring some music with you.  This BoomCooler is easy to wheel around no matter where you go, although you might want to keep a tarp or something around to protect it just in case it rains.  It has a built-in CD player or you can hook up your iPod to the cooler.  They actually recommend for better sound using something plugged into the aux input or USB input as opposed to using the CD player.

Initially I thought this would be a great gadget to have around, well except that it is expensive.  However, it has one major setback, they don’t recommend you store anything wet on the inside.  It’s a cooler that’s not able to cool your drinks.  It also isn’t waterproof, so you have to be careful of it getting wet on the outside as well.  It is said to have great sound quality and likely does with a price tag of $1199.  It doesn’t come with a battery, but they were kind enough to recommend a very specific battery on their website and where exactly you should get it from.

Source: Gizmodiva

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