Taser Axon

by Mark R

Just yesterday, I was discussing the Sanwa Throat Microphone, a type of communication device that clips to the throat like a collar. I have recently discovered the Taser Axon, which works like the Sanwa in the way it clips to your head.

However, the Taser Axon is meant to be a recorder. It is designed to stay affixed to a cop’s head, so that footage will always be taken when an officer is on the beat.

This way, if there is any case against the officer, and it is a civilian’s word against the officer, the evidence will be on the Taser Axon to prove one person’s testimony in a trial.

My source did not say how much memory is on the Taser Axon, and I’m not certain how much would need to be on it to record the usual officer’s shift. I wonder how much would be of interest, either. I mean, do we really need footage of an officer waiting around in a patrol car, eating donuts?

I suppose that we might be looking at an era where every cop is under this type of surveillance. I would say that a long list of questionable actions by police officers in the past is enough to justify implementing this type of system.


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Bobnla Says: December 8, 2008 at 3:03 am

Adoption of cameras in law enforcement is not to place police officers under surveillance, It is to protect police departments and officers against false allegations.
The first genration of Axon will have 8 gigs of memory, Which is enough for about 8 hours of video.
The officers entire shift is not recorded and is activated by the officer when he feels the need.
Remember the camera is pointed at the public not the officer.
As far as interesting videos, I see alot of tv shows and movies about cops and not one about computer nerds that live with mom.

Charles Says: May 11, 2011 at 4:05 am

Wow, did you present this to give information on a product for the people to read, or to give yourself an opportunity to bash cops? I clicked here to hopefully gain some information, not to read your rant against law enforcement. Probably been arrested numerous times, but either way, keep your opinions to yourself. You obviously don’t, nor ever will walk in one of their shoes, and won’t know how many frivolous and b/s lawsuits are pressed against even the GOOD cops from people looking to get a free dime. Instead you want to bash them. Maybe one of the bad ones will answer your call for help when you need it, and with your attitude….you will eventually.

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