The EverGreen Chinese Horoscope MP3 Players

by Ally

Reading through horoscopes is always fun and if you’re into it a great deal, likely you’ve found out your Chinese horoscope sign.  Those are done more by the year, rather than by the month.  Well now you can have a tiny MP3 player in the shape of your sign.  It’d be a great and cheaper alternative to those that don’t find the Nano or Shuffle quite cute enough.

Keep in mind that when you choose which MP3 player you would like, they have the names of the animals slightly different than they are traditionally called within Chinese Astrology.  Such as the ox is listed as a bull and the rat is listed as a mouse.  It’s not difficult to figure out what they meant though.  To control the 2GB MP3 player, the controls are on the back.  The 2GB of storage will get you about five hours of play time and it will cost you ¥2,860.00 or just under $30.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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