The Kid Finder Remote Tracking

by Ally

Kids have a couple features that make them challenging, one of them being that they can move about freely.  They have no off button and stating “stay” rarely actually gets them to stay.  Which means you have to adapt to those little monsters.  Well now Princeton has created a device to help you track your kids, pets and in the event that you fail and your kid gets kidnapped, even the bag full of ransom money.  As long as this little beeper is on the device, you won’t be losing anything.

It can let you know both distance and direction.  Although the way it’s set up, I’m curious how it displays the distance when your child is behind you instead of in front.  It will only track them up to 90m or 295ft, so you’ll have to make sure they don’t go out of that range.  It runs on 4 AAA batteries and has a Velcro strap as well as a lanyard.  The manual is in Japanese though, so you’ll have to guess how it works.  You can purchase it online for $108 through the Japan Trend Shop.

Source: Gizmodiva

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