Budfits are a cheap fix for Shuffle earbuds

by Ally

Budfits are nothing new, they’ve been out for a little while really.  For those that are debating on whether or not to buy the new Shuffle though, they might want to keep these in mind.   There have been a few solutions pop up to deal with the issue.  One of which being an adapter kit, but there hasn’t been a price announced for the device.  There are also a few slightly expensive earbuds that have the controls on them that will work with the new shuffle.  Well for those of you that prefer the over the ear style buds, here’s a cheap way to fix those earbuds.

Likely this is the absolute cheapest you’ll see  fixes for the earbuds.  My problem with Apple’s earbuds is that they tend to slip out of my ears.  An issue I’m guessing is fairly common, since someone decided to create this cheap little adapter.  They just snap to Apple’s earbuds and convert them so that they will stay in place.  You can pick up the Budfits for $8.99 on Amazon.  Although they weren’t created specifically for the Shuffle issue, it is a great fix for it either way.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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