Microsoft New Laptop Cooling Pad Market

by Mark R

I suppose that I could start this article with “whatever Microsoft wants, it gets”. After all, when Microsoft noticed that video game consoles like the Gamecube and original Sony Playstation were growing in popularity, they created the Xbox. When Microsoft realized that Portable Media Players were selling like popcorn, they created the Zune.

It appears that Microsoft’s collective eyeball has now turned to laptop cooling pads, which is a growing market. After all, who wouldn’t want to alleviate the hot sensation of a laptop on your lap all day?

It would appear that Microsoft’s first endeavor into the laptop cooling pad market is minimalist at best. This laptop cooling pad, which really needs a formal name, is 1.16 inches thick, and possesses a singular fan that is powered by USB.

Now, you could say that Microsoft is late in its release of the new market, just like the Xbox and Zune came out years after the initial boom of their competitor’s products. In Microsoft’s case, it is definitely better late than never.

In this case, it will be later. If you want to get in on Microsoft’s new pet project, you will have to wait until July. Be prepared to pay $30, and it is available in white or black.


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