iSee Inked iPod Nano Cases show Nano’s true colors

by Ally

As far as iPod accessories go, this has to be the most well thought out item.  One of the favorite features about a Nano is the fact that they come in those bright varying colors.  However, wanting to protect the iPod leads many to buy a case.  Once the case is on, that color you spent the time to choose is then hidden away.  Well these iSee cases protect your iPod, while all the while allowing for the color you chose to show through.

The great thing is the designs on the case actually accents the color and gives it something a little extra.  It comes in seven different designs, swirls, squares, reverb, flourish, circles, argyle and finally zebra.  Each case is etched then covered with a clear scratch resistant coating.  If you’re worried that you won’t like how the case looks over your particular color, you can choose the color and the design and see it on the website.  They only sell these for the Nano 4G and will cost you $24.95.

Source: Gadgenista

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