Inlet-Outlet Gives Power Back

by Mark R

There is some commercial that says: “We are a nation of consumers, and there is nothing wrong with that”. Every time I hear that, I can’t help but think: “yes there is, consumers use up energy, and we shouldn’t use up all the energy in the world!”

After all, every home has several outlets that do nothing but suck up a lot of power and increase the consumers’ bills. Granted, we may need the devices that we plug into the wall, but there is no way to give back the power that we take except in the form of money.

Fortunately, someone has invented the Inlet-Outlet which allows you to put power back into your wall. So how can you give it back? Try connecting it to some exercise equipment. You might as well be creating energy as you are burning calories. I suppose you could connect it to a hamster cage if you want to add just a little bit of juice.

I don’t know why the Inlet-Outlet has a weird connect that resembles an oversized USB. Couldn’t they just make it so it looks like your average two or three-pronged outlet, so you can just use the energy that you just made?

So far, this is still in the concept stage, but I don’t know how long it would take before every home has it. Something tells me this is one device that the energy companies don’t want you to know about. They want you to be dependent on them.

As for me, I would love to be completely free of them and make my own energy. I could get fit and power my house. So give me an inlet-outlet, and I will stick it to the man!


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anon Says: March 12, 2009 at 12:12 am

The problem with putting power back into the grid is that it only aids power plants in producing more dirty power. The amount we put back into the grid is actually only a token effort compared to what we take from it. Since power companies can only produce so much carbon without buying carbon credits they use your clean energy which you put back in as carbon credit.

In summary for every clean kilowatt you put in the power companies put out a dirty kilowatt thanks to you.

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