Auto Racing Tire Wheel Clock

by Ally

If you have a strong obsession with racing, this is the clock to keep around. This tiny clock would be great for any Nascar adorned office, which I see fairly often, being in Indiana. It’d also be the perfect gift for car lovers. It is a small clock though, so it would be better suited for a desk, rather than a garage. It even comes complete with a wrench and screwdriver for hands, for those that enjoy fixing the cars as well as being a fan of a certain type of them.

It’s just a standard clock, doesn’t do any cool tricks, sadly. It isn’t overly large either, it measures 4” across in diameter x 1.5”. It among the features says it has a brake disc, brake pads, lug nuts and a valve stem. It also comes with a stainless steel bracket, although it doesn’t actually mention what for, I’m guessing to mount it to the wall. You can pick it up through Sourcing Map for $11.99.

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Forciare Says: March 8, 2009 at 3:34 pm

Heh heh. When you forget an “L” in the name of the item, it makes the description of it funnier. But I thought this was a rated “G” web site! *wink*

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