Apple releases a hash of upgrades in consumer desktop line


Apple is one company where their hardware refreshes are looked forward to by nearly the entire industry, and for good reason. After all, Apple products are synonymous with ease-of-use, great design and have that sense of exclusivity. We’re pleased to announce that Apple has recently announced new updates to its iMac and Mac mini desktop lines, and among these include a 24″ iMac which is priced more affordably compared to previous releases, while the Mac mini that has a long overdue update will feature more powerful integrated graphics. Expect to read all about them in greater detail right after the jump.

One thing good about new Apple releases is this – the price more or less remains the same, and you get much more features and functions within the device itself. Take the iMac for example – you will still have to fork out $1,499 for it, but instead of getting 20″ of viewing real estate, this iMac comes with 24″ for 30% more area. In addition, you will also benefit from doubling in its memory and storage capacity. As for the Mac mini, graphical performance has been increased by up to 500% thanks to the groundbreaking NVIDIA GeForce 9400M integrated graphics that was announced with the aluminum unibody MacBook family in recent memory. Apple claims that the Mac mini is the most energy efficient desktop in the world, sipping under 13 watts of power when idle. Of course, those claims are tested only within controlled laboratory conditions, but we hope that real world use will be somewhere near that figure.

All the new iMac and Mac mini systems are powered by Mac OS X Leopard and bundled with iLife ’09, Apple’s unparalleled suite of consumer applications for managing and organizing photos, making movies and creating and learning to play music. You planning to get a new Mac mini or iMac now?

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