The Right Hand Lamp keeps lighting affordable

by Ally

Most lamps that cause heads to turn will cost you a hefty price for that eye catching effect.  Typically it’s hundreds of dollars, if not more than that.  Well with this cool Right Hand Lamp, you won’t end up paying any more than you’d pay for a nice lamp at your local hardware store.  The pretty bright white hands hold light in the palm of their hands, keeping your living area well lit.

The lamp is made out of ceramic and are meant to protrude from your wall.  The hands not only hold the light, but they will shade it as well, keeping it from being too severe.  It doesn’t appear that much installation is involved, besides mounting the hands themselves.  It looks like this pretty sconce just plugs directly into a wall socket.  You can pick up this light for $65 on The Afternoon’s website.  Although $65 is by no means pocket change, the light is contemporary enough that it looks quite a bit more expensive than that.

Source: NerdApproved

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