Striker’s LED Magnetic Light for awkward lighting conditions

by Ally

When you’re stuck working on something in a dark corner, lighting is always a pain.  With anything from changing a tire or fixing a leaky sink, you’re already usually contorted in strange angles, but trying to position a flashlight all the while working on what you’re doing is a bit of a pain.  Well this cool magnetic light makes any job just a little easier and makes sure that you have the ideal lighting for the job.  It’s a bit better than clamp on lights, since you don’t always have anything decent to clamp onto.

Since it does have so many magnets attached to it, it can flip around in any direction giving you more options to get the angle you desire.  You would just have to be careful of the magnets being around any hardware that might be sensitive to magnets.  The LED light is wide angle to shine light on a wider area.  It’s about the size of the golf ball and features 12 different magnets.  The Striker Magnetic LED Light is also plenty affordable, you can pick it up for $9.

Source: Uberreview

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