Dark Blade 3-Channel R/C Helicopter


ThinkGeek seems to have a penchant for remote controlled helicopters, and their latest attempt in this field is the Dark Blade 3-Channel R/C Helicopter. This surprisingly affordable $29.95 device is an original ThinkGeek creation, featuring a “futuristic drop-ship style design with precise flying characteristics and an innovative rear propeller system.” In addition, it is touted to be the smallest 3-channel R/C copter in the world at the moment, so we won’t recommend leaving the windows open while you fly this thing indoors lest it crashes to the ground with a strong gust of wind.

The Dark Blade 3-Channel R/C Helicopter has dual rotors on the top which spin in opposite directions. These opposite spinning blades cancel out uncontrolled torque making for incredibly stable flight. For forward and reverse motion the tail rotor then blows up or down, pitching the copter forward or backward and causing it to move in that direction. It’s a great control system and a pleasure to fly.

The rate of diminishing returns here ain’t too shabby after all – a 10 minute charge time results in a 7 minute fly time, which is much better compared to others we’ve seen in the market. We’d strongly recommend you getting rechargeable batteries to go along with it though, as half a dozen AA batteries are required at any one time to keep the whole gig going.

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