Versa: New LG Phone with Detachable QWERTY

by Mark R

LG and Verizon Wireless has recently announced the creation of the Versa, which they claim to be a real MVP (Most Versatile Phone).

So what makes it so versatile? Well, the big feature is that it comes with a QWERTY keyboard that is detachable, with an LED screen on the back. So if you are comfortable texting without the keyboard, you can just leave it at home.

Without the QWERTY, the Versa also works as a full touchscreen, and has an animated 3D interface with three different home screens and three options of layouts. The web browser is a full HTML that supports Flash and RSS feeds, with three browser windows open at a time.

Other features include a 2 Megapixel camera with face detection, a music player, microSD memory port, Bluetooth, plus it is VZ Navigator capable. Another feature is the Chaperone program, which allows the LG Versa to have its location shared with family members via the Chaperone Web site.

Of course, a lot of phones have the features listed in the previous paragraph. The detachable QWERTY is probably going to sell the Versa the most. I have a suggestion of how to improve it: create a detachable QWERTY that is the size of a normal computer keyboard, and make it so it folds up. That would make the mobile computing experience a lot easier.

The LG Versa should be available at Verizon Wireless stores on March 1 for $199.99 after $50 mail in rebate.


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