Third Eye Video Camera


No, this Third Eye won’t open up your eyes to the unseen and spiritual realm as we see in most horror movies, but this dorky-looking video camera is meant to be strapped around your forehead, recording virtually everything you see as you go about your daily routine.

Smaller than a golf ball, this ultralight spherical video camera attaches to a headband, providing a third eye while biking, hiking, or during other activities. The camera’s sensor captures images at 320 x 240 resolution at 30 fps (the built-in microphone records audio). Up to 1,200 still images and six hours of video can be saved onto the included 8GB micro SD memory card. Images and video are downloaded to your PC via a USB cable (requires PC running Windows with USB 2.0). It can also be connected to a TV for viewing images and video using the included cable.

I do have some beef with this though – an eight hour charge yields just 2.5 hours of operation? That really blows, although the auto-record feature upon motion detection would come in handy when you want to record secret trysts in your home. The Third Eye Video Camera will retail for $299.95.

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